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The Shadow [1994]
Front Cover Actor
Alec Baldwin
John Lone
Penelope Ann Miller
Movie Details
Genre Action; Adventure; Fantasy
Language English
Running Time 103 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Another masked avenger is reincarnated as a big budget movie. Idle playboy Lamont Cranston (Alec Baldwin), schooled in Tibetan mysticism, fights crime in late '30s New York while wearing a natty hat and false beak. He finds time to romance telepathic sweetie Margo Lane (Penelope Miller), whose crusty old scientist Dad (Ian McKellen) has just invented an atom bomb which is in danger of falling into the hands of Shiwan Khan (John Lone), conquest-happy last descendent of Genghis Khan.

Director Russell Mulcahy turns out the regulation death traps (a locked chamber filling with water, a bomb timer which ticks away during the climax) and the Shadow breezes through via nifty "invisible" effects. It evokes the conventions and charms of 1930s' pulp fiction in rather more nostalgic mode than Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, and adds little of its own attitude, although a sly camp sensibility (notably in the extremely chi-chi Tim Curry and John Lone as the villains) goes for snickering at the expense of tension. A pleasant, eye-pleasing movie but, after the super-heroic likes of Batman, The Crow and The Mask, the merely mysterious Shadow seems somewhat grandfatherly and remote. --Kim Newman

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Product Details
Format DVD
Region 2
Screen Ratio 1.85:1
UPC (Barcode) 5035822003644
Release Date 10.04.2003
Subtitles Dutch; English; Finnish; Norwegian; Portuguese; Swedish; Turkish
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1