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Djävulen och jag / Bedazzled [2000] (2000)
Front Cover Actor
Brendan Fraser
Elizabeth Hurley
Movie Details
Genre Comedy
Language English
Running Time 89 mins
Country USA
Color Color
Brendan Fraser stars in Bedazzled as Elliot, a dweebish office worker who yearns for Alison (Frances O'Connor), a coworker who barely knows he exists. When he blithely says he'd give his soul for Alison, the Devil appears in the fetching guise of Elizabeth Hurley and promises him seven wishes in exchange. Elliot is dubious at first, but agrees out of desperation. Unfortunately, his every wish always leaves the Devil with a little wiggle-room. When he asks to be rich and powerful, the Devil turns him into a drug lord beset on all sides. When he asks to be a successful, well-endowed writer, the Devil adds a male lover to the mix. The setup and situations are clever, though this Bedazzled has less bite than the original 1968 version starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. It does, however, provide some better comic substance for Fraser than most of his previous roles and will give his fans something to enjoy. O'Connor is entirely pleasant in her largely straight role, and Hurley fills out her part delectably by filling out a number of revealing outfits. This is an enjoyable bit of froth. --Bret Fetzer,
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Product Details
Format DVD
Region 2
UPC (Barcode) 5039036007498
Release Date 02.08.2000
Subtitles Czech; Danish; Finnish; Hebrew; Icelandic; Norwegian; Polish; Portuguese; Swedish
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1